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Brick Mailbox Standard

* All current brick mailboxes as of 4/1/2008 are grandfathered in.

  1. Brick mailboxes only for brick front houses (bricks holding up porch do not count).
    1a. New brick must match the color of the front of the house    
    1b. Brick mortar must match the house brick mortar
  2. No Stucco mailboxes
  3. Size of the metal mailbox can be T1 or T2 (preferred). *No T3 allowed
  4. Dimensions of the side Planter is 16" W x 24" D x 11" H
  5. Either 4" individual metal numbers or this plate can be used. (see picture of mailbox with planter)

If there are any questions, please contact Homeside Properties at (678) 297-9566 or a member of the ACC.